Even if you ski yourself, the first time you ski as a family can be a bit daunting. Here are a few pointers to help you along the way.

It is definitely worth pre booking things such as ski rental, ski passes and ski school especially for peak weeks. If you are super organised you can often get discounts on lift passes if you book before the winter evens begins.

Try and get your ski equipment the afternoon or evening of your arrival. This means you are all fresh and relaxed in the next morning and the children will get the most out of their ski lessons.

To find your way around, all the villages of La Plagne have a tourist office. You will find lots of information and maps of the mountain and the villages showing all the amenities. You will also find information about events and animations that are on during your holiday in La Plagne.

For your ski lessons with Lime Snowsports we are always happy to offer advice on how to get to your lessons or where to practice before you meet us, this can help smooth things out early in the week. Please just ask – we are here to help!

For children, a few extra things that will help their ski lessons with Lime Snowsports run smoothly are; having a high factor sun cream on, lip salve in their pocket, a small snack, some money if they need a drink, having a thin neck warmer which they can put away in their pocket if they do not need it. The temperature can change a lot on the mountain, having the children in layered clothing works well. This means they can take a layer off should they need to.

In all our ski lessons we want the children to become as independent as possible. So we encourage them right from the start to take their skis off by themselves, pick their skis up by themselves and carry them. This will also make your life a lot easier and you won’t end up being the family pack horse!

The most important thing is that you all enjoy your ski holiday and everyone has a big smile!